3 reasons you absolutely need a professional accountant to do your books

Date July 11, 2020

As a professional business owner you probably wear several hats all in one day.  A production hat, a marketing hat, an HR hat, and often the accountant hat.  But the problem with all those hats is that many of these areas in a business requires extensive expertise and none more so than your accounting and here is why up should use a professional.

Venaccuracc Bookkeeping Accounting Complaince

1. Your accounts need to facilitate business

The way in which your books are run can either facilitate trade or hinder it.

As a non-professional, you as the business owner will not, necessarily have the expertise to set up your accounts in this way, which is where the Venaccuracc Accountants come into play.

Facilitating business is about putting structures in place that help to ensure cash flow at the right times, debt payment at the right time, expenditure at the right time and savings or cost cutting measures at the right time.

Our team works with you to fully understand your business so that we can put these accounting structures in place to help ensure you have money in the business when you need it most.

Venaccuracc Tax Accounting Compliance

2. Compliance is king

The second, and incredibly important reason you need a professional team behind your books, is compliance.

South Africa has very well-structured Tax, banking and legal systems which enables businesses in the country to effectively trade with ther international companies and protect businesses in South Africa from fraud.

Complying with these systems, however, requires specialised knowledge and attention to detail which the Venaccuracc team offers.

The consequences of NOT complying to these systems include:

  • banks revoking loans, and credit facilities which supply the business with cash flow.
  • Investors being unable to find equity in the business and refusing to invest.
  • Facilities with suppliers being denied.

Venaccuracc’s team of accountants ensure your business is compliant and has the right professionally prepared documentation in place so that you can confidently conduct business.

Venaccuracc Accounting Complaince Help

3. A professional accountant can help you grow

For any business growth is the goal which is why it is so important that your books facilitate that growth.

Venaccuracc prides itself in being one of the most growth minded accounting firms in South Africa.  Now in order to help your business to grow we work with you to not only understand your businesses current position, but to also understand your growth vision.

The Venaccuracc team spends time understanding your industry and where the opportunities and the potential timing for those opportunities to come to fruition, lie.

From there we can put an accounting strategy into play that empowers your business to grow by assisting you with expenditure planning, management decisions and asset purchasing.

Having a professional accounting team behind your business is like having a business genie in your pocket, where you have access to knowledge and ultimately business power without the cost and inconvenience of employing a full accounting team yourself.

With such a complex market place it’s imperative that you have a reputable, detail oriented and client oriented accounting team behind your business, facilitating trade through excellent compliance and financial structures and setting your business up for future growth.

The Venaccuracc team can’t wait to chat to you about your business and the growth you are planning.  Give us a call today.


Our main aim is to save you time! 
Having your financials taken care of gives you one less thing to worry about.


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