For your business to grow into the potential empire it could be, it needs a firm foundation. Behind Every Great Business Is A Great Accountant helping them grow

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Nurturing our clients accounting awareness.

Venaccuracc Accountants take a personal interest in your business and invest the time and dedication to detail that is required to ensure a solid accounting foundation which enables sustainable business growth.

Unlike other accounting firms Venaccuracc takes a holistic approach to business, working with you to ensure your financial structure supports your business, sales and marketing strategies.
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One of the most growth-oriented accounting firms in SA

Venaccuracc is SAIPA and CGISA accredited and provides clients in all industries with outsourced strategic, expert accounting services that support business growth.

Personalised attention for your business

We pride ourselves in taking the time necessary to really understand how your business works so that your financial structure facilitates business growth.

Passionately growth minded

At Venaccuracc we really get a kick out of seeing our client’s businesses grow. As a result we’re constantly looking for ways to support your business development strategies with financial structures that empower growth.

Empowering SME’s

Venaccuracc is passionate about giving small business owners the very best accounting and compliance service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house resource.

Flexible, budget driven contracts

We provide custom SLAs to suit your needs and budgets, allowing you to pay for all your annual services as a fixed fee over 12 months which enables better business cost allocation and empowers strong budget management.

Proven service model

Not only do we have the qualifications but we are registered with SAIPA and CSSA, and have over 15 years combined experience in Financial Accounting and Financial Management in various industries.

Flexible pricing

Our pricing model has evolved in line with the needs of our clients. Your business has unique requirements, which is why we have more pricing options than other firms. These include accounting packages, if that is what you require OR a tailor made solution for your business.


At Venaccuracc, our clients aren’t just numbers, but every client is viewed as unique with distinctive growth potential. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that the financial services we provide empower your business for current and future growth.

Access and referrals

Our network is ever growing as we are meeting experts in the industry all the time. We know the right people that can get the desired outcome, quicker than you could do it on our own. Our professional network includes tax attorneys, specialist consultants and a wide range of industry specific experts who can help your business to grow We also encourage business referrals between our clients.


Accounting Backlogs

If your books are behind for whatever reason, our team of experienced bookkeepers can get you up-to-date quickly.

Registration & Compliance

Get all your registrations done and submitted – VAT, PAYE, UIF and SDL. Workmen’s Compensation (COIDA), Annual Returns, etc

Navigating SARS

Do you battle navigating SARS E-filing? We are the team to help you submit your monthly and quarterly returns.

Financial Statements

Reports that are accurate, reliable and complete. Made with attention to detail and ready for institution you need to submit them to.

Start- Up Planning

Do you have a vision of your dream company, but don’t know where to start? We help with company registrations and more.

Common Business Problems

SMEs that are too busy working on the operational side of the business often forget about the financial compliance side. We remind you of the deadlines SARS has set.

what our clients say

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernard & Venaccuracc Accounting for his dedication and
expertise in assisting our company with our accounting requirements. The care that he shows reflects
more as if he was a major stakeholder in the business, rather than a consultant.

Klaus Friebe, Guardarm Security
We partnered up with Venaccuracc when we first opened our doors in 2012. The wealth of knowledge and advice that we received really put our minds at ease and we could concentrate on the other areas of our business knowing that Venaccuracc had and still has our best interests at heart.
Byron Massolini, The Wikid Agency
I met Bernard Venter about two years ago at a Business Partners conference and was very impressed after discussing his business Venaccuracc. We subsequently contracted this company to assist with the accounting of some of my property companies. The service and response is exceptional, he keeps promises and delivered good quality work. We are in the process of moving the support of 5 companies to Venaccuracc.
Thys Venter, Route 101 Classic Car Centre
Bernard is really on top of his game, his honesty,and quick responses to queries is what you need in an accounting firm. Everything is done for you to take the hassles out of dealing with SARS,CIPC,etc.You just run your business and leave the rest for him to do.

Looking forward to many more years in what is a real business partnership.

Brian Chapman The Steel Butler


Our main aim is to save you time! 
Having your financials taken care of gives you one less thing to worry about.


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